Goal achievement

Setting Big Scary Audacious Goals

Do you want more?

Would you be happy if in 5 or 10 – or 30-years time and were in the same place as you are right now?

Perhaps you feel content, you are living a fantastic full life…. But what if the answer is no?

Ultimately you have one life, “Life isn’t a dress rehearsal” and the time to make change is NOW!

If you want more in your life, your business or as a family there is no time like the present to start the journey of achieving a fulfilled and abundant life.

Although each person has a different view of what their “Perfect Life” looks like, you can achieve YOUR “Perfect Life”. It all begins with knowing where you are, where you want to go and creating a road map to get there! Otherwise, simple known as “Goal Setting”!

There are 2 things to do before you set off on your goal setting journey:

  1. Establish what kind of goal setter, you are:
  2. Understanding how YOU set your goals is an important element in attaining them – each person is different, there is no right or wrong way!
  3. Do you sit down in a quiet corner on regular occasions with a pad and paper and put down in black and white the dreams and aspirations that have been knocking around the back of your head since you last did this? In fact, when did you last do this? How’s that working out for you?
  4. Do you scribble your ideas and dreams on any bit of paper you can find on the run, and then lose it and forget?
  5. Do you set yourself SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant/Realistic/Reasonable, Time based) outcome goals?
  6. Do you set yourself process driven goals?
  7. Do you set short term goals, long term goals, or both?
  8. Do you keep your goals to yourself so it doesn’t matter if you don’t achieve them?
  9. Do you share your goals with others to help keep yourself accountable?
  • Identify WHY you struggle to achieve your goals?
  • Do you look at your end goal and let the Fear (False Expectation/Evidence Appearing Real) take over and quit without giving yourself a chance? You need to get started!
  • Do you start off really well but then something sets you back along the way and you lose momentum and let the fear seep in and take over?
  • Do you try to do everything yourself, get overwhelmed, overworked and give up?

Now that you have established what kind of goal setter you are and have identified WHY you struggle to achieve your goals it is time to establish what you can do differently, what you can apply immediately to this process so that you can set yourself up for success and live the life you want running the business you want and having the outcomes that you desire.

  1. Commit to achieving ONE Big Scary Audacious Goal; It should be something that excites you, that you know will be enough to get you jumping out of bed every day, something that drives ever part of your being. In other words, something that really drives, motivates and inspires you. This goal is about YOU, YOUR values and YOUR why!
  2. Now, take the time to really consider your goal. Investigate it, Research it, Establish HOW you can achieve it. This allows you to be honest with yourself by acknowledging the challenges!
  3. Ask yourself – what is the process I need to follow, break it down into “bite size bits”.
  4. Allocate time to each bit. Some bits will be easier than others, some bits may require assistance form someone else, some bits may require more time effort and energy. Allocate the time and be reasonable. Don’t over commit, you want this to be achievable! 
  5. Write it down – this ensures you do not feel overwhelmed!
  6. Can you add these bits to your daily and weekly schedule? Remember, referring back to point 1 – it needs to be something that drives, motivates and inspires you!
  7. Visualise success. What does it look like when you have achieved this goal? What does the success of each bite sized bit look like? How do you feel? How do others around you feel? If you can dream it m you can achieve it and the power of visualisation is often overlooked!

Now that you have the plan it’s time to put it into action!

  1. Document your progress: There will be times where you may feel you are not moving fast enough – you can look back and acknowledge how much you have achieved
  2. Check in with yourself regularly: Ask yourself “am I still on track”? It is easy to get side tracked, to lose sight of the prize, to get distracted! The “check in” keeps you on track!
  3. Find a mentor (or 4): A mentor holds you accountable, hold your hand along the journey, have a different perspective when your vision is clouded. Having someone to bounce ideas off knowing they have your back is priceless. You may have heard the saying “If you’re too close to the picture you don’t see the frame” a great mentor allows you to “see the frame.”
  4. When you are feeling overwhelmed stop and breathe: Take a step back. Take a break, come back to it with fresh eyes and renewed energy. It’s OK! Remember the 30 year goal can be delayed by a day or 2 in the bigger picture!
  5. Expect the unexpected: Sometimes things don’t go accordingly to plan! Be prepared to adjust as things and the world and people around you come and go and change. We are often afraid of change but often this is where the most growth happens! Embrace the unexpected.
  6. Be Patient: “Rome wasn’t built in a day” need I say more! If the romans gave up on day 1 there would be no “Built Rome”!
  7. Acknowledge that your goals may change: Be open to change. As you grow, as your life and circumstances change so do your needs, want and dreams and aspirations. Be mindful that just because your goal changes you will realise that ever step along your journey is important and often the journey is what gives you clarity.

And most importantly….. Enjoy the journey! Life is a journey and YOU get to decide WHAT the end destination looks like. Have faith in yourself – you’ve got this!

If you are ready to start setting and achieving your goals, I encourage you to reach out to Amber Business Support, I am your Business Best Buddy. I will hold your hand through the process, hold you accountable and ensure that the things that hold importance in your life are able to be achieved.

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