Qualified Bookeeper

  • Bachelor degree of Science in Accounting techonology
  • Certified Financial Market Professional

Chino Tiotuico

Certified Bookkeeper

Chino is a bookkeeper and admin assistant for Amber Business Support and is based in the Philippines.

With a Bachelor degree of Science in Accounting technology Accountancy, Certifications as a Certified Financial Market Professional (CFMP) from Bloomberg analytics and SAP Business certifications, Chino is a gentleman who loves learning and growing.

Having finished university in 2016, he started working in the bookkeeping space right away with various firms in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia!

When asked what he loves about his Amber Business Support customers, a genuine and candid answer was given, “I love seeing our customers being eager to comply with all of the standards. Allowing Amber Business Support to handle their bookkeeping and accounting tasks, allows them to grow the businesses they are passionate about!

He adds so much value to the Amber Business support team through his attention to detail, ensuring all the finer details are in order, enabling the team to be “set for success”.

In his spare time, Chino enjoys going out with friends and loves watching different documentary tv series. His dream…. To have his own “Speakeasy” pub or bar!

Chino’s “slogan” in life: Stop for a while and smell the roses.

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