Are Goals there to be Set or to be Achieved!

Are Goals there to be Set or to be Achieved!

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Some people SET goals; some people ACHIEVE goals which one do you want to be in 2022?

Hopefully you have set your goals – be it your short, medium and long term goals but what now?

The truth is we can write our goals down, create a vision board and imagine the possibilities but if that’s as far as it gets those goals will remain dreams!!!

Now I know YOU’RE not THAT person, but let’s say you are (😉) why do “those” people not get doing? It’s simple – often the goals one sets are too big, too scary, and it feels like there’s just too much work involved! Does this sound like someone you know!

Let’s break this down so you can achieve the goals you have set out for yourself and your business!

The “to do list”…..

In essence you will want to have 2 lists: your daily “to do list” as well as your “conquer your goals to do list”

The one that is vital when it comes to actually doing is the “conquer your goals to do list”!

By having a specific list (one that’s not part of your usual daily routine) you are able to remain focused and steadfast on the DOING and most importantly ….. the achieving. In this goal setting article we covered that you need to:

1)     Break each goal into bite size chunks

2)     Write them down

3)     Make the part of your daily routine.

To really focus on getting them done there are only 3 things you need to do

1)     “Eat the frog first”

If they are “tough chunks” do them first!!!! By doing the hardest task of the day first it means you can focus on the easier items and “to do’s” in your day AND you will feel a sense of accomplishment which will inspire and motivate you “tomorrow”.

2)     Do what you have committed to do! If you miss a day, “get back on the bicycle” tomorrow, in other words you cannot give up!

3)     Tick off the “chunks” as you get them done this will inspire you to keep going!

So now what?

1)     Have you got your list of goals? If not – now is a good time!!!

2)     Break them down

3)     Write them down

4)     Add them to your list!

If you are looking for an inspirational mentor and guide to make sure that you conquer your goals, I invite you to reach out to Amber Business Support, I am your Business Accountability Mentor!

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