Do your goals talk to you and what do they say?

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Have you ever heard, or perhaps had a conversation with your parents … they want you to be a lawyer, a doctor, a psychologist… and although this may sound feasible you know that the mere thought is the furthest thing from your mind of where you see yourself?

Goals and goal setting can be very much like this.

We know what our goals SHOULD be in other people’s eyes – more time, more money, less stress. Perhaps there is a dollar figure that jumps out – you know the one that everyone talks about – The 6, 7 or perhaps even 8 figure “goal” you should be aiming for?

The truth is your goals are exactly that – YOUR goals…. Not your colleagues, your business associates, your friends or your families – they get to set their own goals as do you!

How do you make sure your goals are yours?

  1. Establish what YOU really want:
    Not what you think you should want but what you really want. This may be around your business, your family, your physical being, or as is often the case, all of the above.
  2. Consider what you need to DO to get there:
    What do you actually need to DO to achieve that? This is the part where distraction can creep in, where you can get side-lined, this is where you may take your eye off the ball! Why, because as you plan on HOW to achieve your goals someone will likely share what you “SHOULD: be doing. They may mean well, but remember this is your goal, your journey, you need to do it YOUR way! What works for them may not work for you!
  3. Break it down:

This may be broken into years, months, weeks or days.
Break it down your way based on your time lines, your available resources and your needs.
Just because “everyone else” can achieve it in 3 months, doesn’t mean you have to!

  • Prepare your roadmap:

This is a great time to consider what the stumbling blocks may be, what may be easy, what may be hard and most importantly where you may find resistance from others. Allow for flexibility and deviations but this must always be based on you and your circumstances and not how others think you should go about it.

  • Do it with confidence:
    You know what you want, you know what you need to do, you have broken it down and created a road map.

As Frank Sinatra famously said “I did it my way!” now it’s time for you to do it YOUR way! If you are ready to work with a Business Accountability Mentor who will guide, mentor and support you on achieving your goals your way, I would love you to reach out and share where you are, where you want to go and how I can walk that journey with you!

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