Leap into financial organisation this leap year!

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Leap into financial organisation this leap year!

Let’s get your financial “to do pile” become DONE!

How often do you find the little financial things that just never quite make it to the top of the “to do pile”!

This year is a leap year, you have been gifted an extra day and what better way to use it than to organise, declutter and gain control of your financial “to do pile”

Here are 6 steps to help you leap into your “to do pile”!

  1. Gather your documents:

Star by gathering all of your financial documents including bank statements, tax returns, receipts, invoices, financial reports, emails pertaining to anything “finance”.

2. Sort and categorize:

Create categories that make sense so that you are able to file and find documents going forward. These categories could be sales, tax expenses. Expenses that may categorised further i.e. marketing, insurance, cost of goods etc.

3. Digitize and back up:

Consider digitizing your documents to reduce paper and make them easier to access. Back everything up – you may choose to use cloud storage or external hard drives.

4. Shred and dispose:

Safely dispose of documents you no longer need such as outdated receipts, anything you have digitized, anything over 5 years after tax returns have been lodged

5. Create a system:

Establish a filing system that works for you.

6. Enjoy the benefits:

With an organised and decluttered system, you will feel and be in control of your financial to do’s!

This year, don’t let the extra day – the 29th of February, go to waste.

If you are still struggling to leap into your “to do pile” I invite you to reach out to Amber Business Support so we can help you organise, declutter and gain control of your finances!

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