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Freedom Goals Achiever

As a business mentor, I have seen time and time again what I call “business owner overwhelm”.

Today I am going to introduce you to a powerful tool called the STOP START Blueprint – which I use to help business owners like you, achieve their personal, business, and financial goals. 

I will share a real-life case study from a client, called Anna, to protect her privacy!

Anna is 36 years old, she has a partner, 2 primary school age children, 2 dogs and a snooty cat!!

When she was not running around being MUM, she ran a small candle making business out of her spare room.

Anna’s business was flourishing, her business was growing rapidly, however she had a problem – high demand, not enough time and the knowledge that she had to maintain her high standard and quality.

When Anna and I started working together I asked her about her personal, business, and financial freedom goals.  We then utilised the STOP START blueprint and the result was phenomenal.

1. Identifying your Freedom Goals:

To save time I will just give you Anna’s top 3 financial goals. They were to double her revenue which would enable her to hire someone, reduce her cost per product unit by 20% and save 25k for her dream vacation. These goals required specificity and careful consideration.

2.  Recognize what is stopping you?

Using STOP we pinpointed the obstacles blocking Annas path:

S: Stress – Feeling overwhelmed.

T: Time – Never having enough.

O: Overwork – Too much to do, too little progress.

P: Lack of planning / processes – An endless “to do” list.

3. Starting the journey

Using START we identified how we could turn things around.

S: Steadfast mindset – We worked on building Anna’s confidence.

T: Time Management – Allocated time for Anna to focus on her goals.

A: Assess, Accountability, Action –We evaluated and committed to taking action.

R: Research and Resources – We streamlined her processes and leveraged her available tools.

T: Trust – Anna learnt to trust others, herself, and the processes she needed to reach her goals.

The results Anna achieved were exceptional. She achieved her financial freedom goals AND got to spend quality time with her husband, children, and fur babies!

4. Applying the STOP START blueprint to your goals:

Apply to the STOP START blueprint to your top 3 Personal, Business, and Financial goals, Asses what is stopping you and then transition from STOP to START to overcome overwhelm, get organised and achieve outstanding results, 

If you are ready to move past STOP and START on your goals I would love to have a chat and see how I can assist you in achieving freedom.

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