Implement your Business Goals quicker in 2022

Implement your Business Goals quicker in 2022

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Having great Goals is a good start: …

But how do you go from a good start to a great finish …

Its all in the implementation of your goals and here is how:

Your Approach

What is your best approach to achieving your Big Scary Audacious Goal?

 1)      Commit to achieving ONE Big Scary Audacious Goal; It should be something that excites you, that you know will be enough to get you jumping out of bed every day, something that drives ever part of your being. In other words, something that really drives, motivates and inspires you. This goal is about YOU, YOUR values and YOUR why!

2)     Now, take the time to really consider your goal. Investigate it, Research it, Establish HOW you can achieve it. This allows you to be honest with yourself by acknowledging the challenges!

3)     Ask yourself: what is the process I need to follow, break the goal into “bite size chunks ”.

4)     Allocate time to each bite. Some bites will be easier than others, some bite may require assistance form someone else, some bits may require more time effort and energy. Allocate the time and be reasonable. Don’t over commit, you want this to be achievable! 

5)     Write it down – this ensures you do not feel overwhelmed!

6)     Can you add these bits to your daily and weekly schedule? Remember, referring back to point 1 – it needs to be something that drives, motivates and inspires you!

7)     Visualise success. What does it look like when you have achieved this goal? What does the success of each bite sized bit look like? How do you feel? How do others around you feel? If you can dream it m you can achieve it and the power of visualisation is often overlooked!

Implement Your Success

Now that you have the plan it’s time to put it into action!

1)     Document your progress: There will be times where you may feel you are not moving fast enough: if you regularly track your progress– you can look back and acknowledge how much you have achieved.

2)     Check in with yourself regularly: Ask yourself “Am I still on track”? It is easy to get side tracked, to lose sight of the prize, to get distracted! That regular “check in” keeps you on track!

3)     Find a mentor (or two ): Your mentor will help hold you accountable, hold your hand along the journey and share a different perspective when your vision is clouded. Having someone to bounce ideas off knowing they have your back is priceless. “You can’t see the picture when you are in the frame” Les Brown: a great mentor helps you to “see the frame.”

4)     When you are feeling overwhelmed stop and breathe: Take a step back. Take a break, come back to it with fresh eyes and renewed energy. It’s OK! Remember the 5 Year goal can be delayed by a day or 2 in the bigger picture!

5)     Expect the unexpected: Sometimes things don’t go according to plan! Be prepared to adjust your plan as circumstances and people around you change . We are often afraid of change but often this is where the most growth happens! Embrace the unexpected.

6)     Be Patient: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. If the Romans gave up on day one there would be no Rome.

7)     Acknowledge that your goals may change: Be open to change. As you grow, as your life and circumstances change so do your needs, wants, dreams and aspirations. Be mindful that Just because your goal changes doesn’t reduce the goal. Often the journey is what gives you clarity.

And most importantly….. Enjoy the journey! Life is a journey and YOU get to decide WHAT the destination looks like.

Have faith in yourself – you’ve got this!

Your Business Accountability Mentor

To accelerate your Goal Setting and Execution success in your business: the right Business Accountability Mentor will:

  • hold your hand through your goal setting process
  • hold you accountable as you strive towards your goals
  • hold you focused on those aspects of your life that are most important to you

For More Insights

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