Why do you do, what you do, as an Entrepreneur

Why do you do, what you do, as an Entrepreneur

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As an entrepreneur,

how would it help you if you knew your Why?

Why do you do what you do?/ Time to get re-energized, refocused and realigned

As a business owner how do you feel? How do you REALLY feel?

Are you exhausted, overworked, stressed?

Maybe you are just b-o-r-e-d?

Are you at the point of saying “The headache of running this business just isn’t worth it.”?

I have often come across business owners who literally say “it’s easier to give this up and take a 9 – 5. Think of the benefits, higher, safe, stable income, reduced hours, less stress – yeah I am going to go out and get a JOB!” I will be honest, when I hear this my heart breaks a little!

Although the perks initially sound great, have you considered what a JOB is?

Just Over Broke

… Isn’t this one of the driving factors that inspired you to start your own business?

A little digging, delving into the detail one of the many reasons that most business owners are considering the move from running their own business to getting a “Just Over Broke” is because they have lost sight of their WHY.

The line of “Why you are in business, why you do what you do, why you are where you are” is a thin line. It can also fade and change over time, and often you forget to re- assess or re-imagine the line because you have lost your passion in the monotonous day to day, becoming un-clear on where you are heading, not only with the direction of your business but also with your personal direction. Basically, you have lost your purpose for what you were doing, leaving you frustrated and unfulfilled.

What now? I know, you know, that moving forward without a clear direction is a waste of time, energy and resources. It’s time to Stop and Take stock.

Often re-establishing your why is all the motivation and inspiration you need to get re-energized, refocussed and realigned with your big picture.

To find your WHY, and give you back your zest and passion for your business and your life, ask yourself these 3 questions (and answer them of course!):

1)     What is your WHAT?

What makes you happy? I’m talking about the things that make you smile and simply feel great!

What is your passion? What is that “thing” that gets you bouncing out of bed in the morning!

How do you want spend your days? This could be the tasks where you get the most rewarding outcomes.

Spend some quiet time thinking, brainstorming and writing down the “WHATS”.

2)   Who are the WHO’S?

Naturally you will want to be surrounded by people who give you the right energy, those who appreciate the difference you make in their world, the “idea colleagues” and of course your “ideal customers”,

Take a deeper dive than just saying “small businesses” or

“just individuals or families”, consider what those businesses or families need and how you can help them, not just n the short term, but the long term. It could be assisting them with products, services.

What values are important to you n the people that you deal with?

Who do you want in your tribe?

Now that you know WHO you want in your “tribe” it’s time to take a step down and ask the question….

3)     Why them?

  • What positive impact can you have on them?
  • How will this change their lives?
  • Make their lives easier?
  • Assist them in reaching THEIR goals?
  • And most importantly how does this impact YOU?

Why are these 3 questions so powerful?

For me personally, over the years in running my own business, there have been times where I have been frustrated, overwhelmed and honestly questioning what I do. It’s in these moments that I take stock and realise that business, life, everything, feels monotonous, mundane and boring.

When I have felt like this I stop, and take time to asses. Asses why I feel the way I do, how I got there and most importantly how I can rediscover my motivation, passion and zest for my business and my life.

Have you ever felt like this?

And if you have, have you taken the time to asses why?

Shall we be honest, you didn’t just “wake up like this” the mundane, the monotonous, the boring, all just s-l-o-w-l-y crept in.

The good news is, you are not alone!

Just as I step back and ask those 3 crucial questions, I encourage you to do the same!

  • “What is your what?”
  • “Who are your who’s?” and
  • “Why them?”

You may find the answers are easy and you know exactly what you want, but other times it can be challenging to be honest with yourself about what you really want and what will give you a sense of fulfillment. Remember if you can’t be honest and upfront with yourself who can you be with? This is YOUR journey and you are the only person that can make sure that you are happy, and heading in the right direction, no matter how many detours you take. Make sure you challenge yourself and your status quo.

These 3 simple questions, when answered honestly, allow you to redirect, realign and re-establish your motivation, passion and zest!

The magic in stopping, asking and assessing, is not only will you discover how to be more fulfilled; you will grow, evolve and move forward in leaps and bounds.

I challenge you to challenge your status quo…. To gain clarity, be driven by a deep sense of purpose that you understand and to be able to work towards YOUR joy with calm and clarity.

If you are looking for a Business Accountability Mentor, someone to be by your side, on your side and someone invested in your success, then I invite you to reach out to me. I can be your “Business Best Buddy” and help you rediscover your why!

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