How effective are your Business Goals for you?

How effective are your Business Goals for you

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How do you make sure your current business goals are most effective at helping you achieve what you want?

Start by asking these ten questions:

1) Who does the goal really belong to?

Often people think they should have certain goals but when they dig deeper, they realise its often-what OTHER people think you SHOULD want.

Your goals should always be what YOU want else you will not have the motivation and strength and focus to achieve them.]

 Why is this an important question to ask? Your goal needs to be personal to YOU. Afterall, who really wants to work (hard) on someone else’s goals?

2) Why is this goal important to you?

What does this particular goal give you in your life that is important to you.

If your goal is to reach a revenue-based goal in X number of years why is THIS important? Will it give you the lifestyle you want? Will it help towards your exit strategy? Is this the level you want to get your business to for your personal growth journey?

Remember not every goal is about MONEY! It could be a personal, non-tangible outcome.

Why is this an important question to ask? In essence if your why is a big enough driver you will not be easily derailed.

3) Is your goal written down?

Can you see it? Daily?

Your goals can be written down or can be created as a vision board.

It makes it REAL because if you can see it, so can others (colleagues, staff, friends and family) and this in turn allows them to encourage you to continue working towards your goal.

If you have announced it to the world people will ask you about it!

It’s important to have the goal written down as this is a gently reminder to stay on track.

It’s tangible proof that you have the goal! By writing it down you are holding yourself accountable.

Why is this an important question to ask? If you see it, you can believe it, if you believe it you can achieve it.

4) Is there a “road map” to achieving your goal?

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? And how are you planning to get there?

When you’re on a road trip it is so much easier to follow a map! Apply the same technique when setting your goals. By knowing what the “check points” are you are in a position to either add more energy (if you are falling behind) or take a breather (if you are steaming ahead) and most importantly you are able to observe and if need be change direction to stay on track.

Why is this an important question to ask? Having a “road map” ensures you are set up for success by keeping you on track and adjusting as and when necessary to stay on track.

5) Does everything on your “road map” point back to your goal?

It is easy to get distracted by “bright shiny objects”! These could be other people’s input pulling you off track, it could be unexpected events coming out of the blue, it could be family or business issues, it could be new ideas and goals that come up. If you are distracted you are diluting your time and energy which will ultimately slow you down in achieving your goal successfully.

Why is this an important question to ask? You will be in a position to easily prioritise your actions in your business and personal life.

6) What constitutes progress for you?

Different people work at different paces and different people have a different sense of achievement.

Without a sense of achievement, it’s easy to feel demotivated and the goal feels unattainable and thus never completed.

To do this, start by breaking the goal into bite size chunks. Within these chunks you will be able to identify the tasks that you need to complete in order to achieve the results you are looking for. You will be in a position to map and measure the “progress check points”.

Why is this an important question to ask? By identifying and acknowledging what progress looks like to you and ensuring you have a sense of achievement, you are more likely to continue on your journey to achieve your ultimate goal.

7) Can you get there faster?

Now that you know what progress looks like as well as the bit size chunks on how to get there the question to ask is what can you do to attain the goal is the easiest and most effective manner.

This could be utilising resources that you have available (employees, systems and processes you already have in place), resources you need to invest in (CRM, potential new applications and systems), as well as potentially outsourcing to a third party.

Why is this an important question to ask? If the goal is time orientated utilising resources can make this easily achievable.

There may be added benefits of achieving the goal sooner rather than later (e.g. hitting a specific revenue target before employing another employee)

8) Who are you taking on your journey?

By identifying the people who are on your journey and understand your goal and the outcomes, you will be in a position to know who you can talk TO, who you can bounce ideas off, and who you can work through ideas with.

This may also relate to who you are doing it for, e.g. if “family” is one of your values and your goal is to reach a specific revenue figure so you can spend quality time with them, it would make sense that your partner and family is ON this journey with you. The allows them to encourage and celebrate with you.

Why is this an important question to ask? You know who your “cheerleaders” are, who you can rely on and who will hold you accountable when you are going off track.

9)     Is this a SMART goal?

We have heard the term SMART goals many times, and as cliché as it may sound it is VITAL!

  • Is it Specific – written down!
  • Is it Measurable – what does the end result look like?
  • Is it Achievable – based on your resources, can you get there?
  • Is it Realistic – based on your progress goals – can this be achieved?
  • Is is On Time – Is there a schedule allocated to achieving the goal?

Why is this an important question to ask? 

The SMARTER your goal, the easier it will be for you to achieve it!

10)  How will you celebrate when you have achieved your goal?

By celebrating the achievement of your goal, you acknowledge the hard work, energy and effort you have put in to get there!

By celebrating you will be in a position to confidently set out to achieving your next goal.

Write down, commit to paper on how you are going to celebrate your achievement.

Why is this an important question to ask? By celebrating you will be in a position to confidently set out to achieving your next goal.

Next Time you are Reviewing and Updating Your Business Goals:

  • Take your business goals
  • and work each of them through the ten questions above
  • and update your goals to make them more effective

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