Who doesn’t need more cheering in their business!

Who doesn't need more cheering in their business!

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Have you ever been at a basketball match? The goal is about to scored, the win is imminent…. The crowd is holding its breath…as the goal is scored the crowd goes wild and the cute, cheerful cheerleaders are turning cartwheels, shaking their poms poms and definitely doing a dance of some sort!

The same scenario plays out whether it is the NBA finals, or perhaps on a slightly lesser level even at your children’s local school basketball competition.

“I don’t need a cheerleader in my business” said no one EVER!

By definition

Cheerleading is an activity in which the participants cheer for their team as a form of encouragement. It is performed to motivate sports teams.


A Cheerleader is an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of someone or something.

In business we often get so bogged down by the busy-ness of business that we don’t consider our wins, we don’t pay much attention to the good things and all of our time and energy is taken up by either keeping busy or handling the things that are going wrong.

The cheerleaders that are there to help winning teams celebrate simply, often, do not exist in our business and this can result in you feeing like business is “just hard” with nothing to celebrate

The 4 key wins of having a cheerleading squad are:

  • You feel motivated
  • The pressure is on to achieve success
  • When you “win” you have a witness to celebrate with you
  •  All that energy comes together to set yourself up for your next win.

If you take the time to acknowledge the wins, big or small, your business journey becomes more positive, it becomes easier, it feels like it is all worth it.

How do you, as a solo business owner find a cheerleader, because let’s be honest we would rather pay someone else than turn cartwheels and do a cute cheerful “cheerleader-y” type of dance.

The good news is you can (and often have to) be your own cheerleader!

How do you do this?

These 4 steps will help you to Get Up, Dress Up and be ready to turn some cartwheels as you celebrate your wins.

1)   Identify the cheerleaders in your life:

Who will celebrate WITH you? Your friends, your family, your team? Just as there will always be someone who says “you can’t”, what we need is even more people who say “you can” and THESE are the cheerleaders you want to surround yourself with.

2)   Write down what classifies as a win:

This could be the signing of a big deal, turning a profit, meeting a milestone or goal, it could even be as simply as receiving a rave review from a happy customer.

The longer this list the better – so write them down no matter how large or insignificant they may be.

3)   Decide how you are going to celebrate:

It may be as big as giving yourself a day off or as small as taking 5 minutes out to give yourself a high five and reflect on the win. Whatever works best for you

Again, you may have a list of things that make YOU happy: write those down!

4)   Make sure you DO it!

When you achieve one of your wins take the time to acknowledge and celebrate yourself, your business your win! No excuses!

If you are ready to have a cheerleader by your side, I encourage you to reach out to Amber Business Support, I am your Business Accountability Mentor and would love to be part of your cheerleading squad!

PS: I don’t turn cartwheels – no one wants to see that!

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