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As a business professional in “Professional Services”, have you ever advised a client on your rate and immediately given a discount or dropped your price… without them even asking?

WHY do business owners do this?

Often it comes down to Imposter syndrome!!
Imposter syndrome is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud.

Maybe you feel like this?

Maybe you know someone else who feels like this?

And perhaps you have been on the receiving end of a “here’s a discount” comment.

This is typical of a business professional who, as I say, has been bitten by “The Imposter Bug”.

If you were on the receiving end what went through your own mind? Probably something like “If she thinks she’s not worth it, why would I think she’s worth it?” Can you see how easy it is to devalue what you do?

When you consider your rates, the elements that you should consider, the elements that play a role in how you price your services, I believe should be based on this statement… “how you are able to help someone do something right the first time, quicker, more efficiently, saving them money.” What is that worth to them?” Do you agree it is ….. priceless!

You may think “hey this will literally take me 10 minutes; I can’t charge too much”. The truth is you are not charging for the time you spend DOING whatever it is you do; you are charging for the years of qualifications and experience as well as the time and money that you will save your clients.

If you are feeling the “Imposter bug” biting, I would love to meet with you and see how I can ensure that you are charging what your worth without hesitation.

Reach out to me, lets book a coffee catch up.

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