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Not your ordinary bookkeeper
When you consider your finances do you feel Overwhelmed, Overloaded and Out of your depth?

The truth is, you are not alone!

For most small business owners Accounts, Financials, Bookkeeping and BAS Agency work consumes your time, creates stress and takes you away from the actual running of your business – the thing you are passionate about!

Imagine having your bookkeeping run with care, confidence and clarity?

Imagine being able to understand your numbers and use them as a tool not a hinderance when making business decisions?

Imagine having someone else take care of the “Muss without the Fuss”……

It IS possible with Amber Business Support! We take care of the A to Z in YOUR bookkeeping!

Financial Management

As a small to medium size business, bookkeeping, Bas Agency work, payroll, compliance, reporting and analysis are vital functions. Amber Business Support loves numbers! With our understanding in this area, allow US to manage your financials, so YOU can focus on your business!

Less Stress

Our qualified and efficient team have streamlined processes saving you time and money. We take away your bookkeeping stress so you can focus on your business.

Support to Grow

We pride ourselves in building strong “know, LOVE and trust” relationships with our customers. We are there to support and grow your business vision. Whether you want to grow, sell or list your company on the ASX, we will help you understand your numbers so you can achieve your business goals!

Let us look after your bookkeeping needs so you can focus on your business, your goals and your vision.

Our extensive portfolio offers a wide range of solutions to suit your business needs



We take care of all your bookkeeping needs.


Accurate and timely processing of payroll is vital for your business and your staff.

Software Setup & Migration

We analyse, setup and if need be, migrate your accounting package.


We offer training on a wide range of accounting software package applications.

Analysis & Advisory

We help you understand your numbers so you can achieve your business and financial goals.


We provide you with a wide range of reports on a regular basis.


We ensure all your compliance needs are met.

Rescue Jobs

We assist you in organising your accounts so that they are compliant and ready to be submitted.


Amber Business Support has your best interests at heart.
We are passionate about setting you and your business up for success.
We will save you time and money; Ensuring the “boxes are ticked” and keep you on track to ensure you achieve your business goals.
Our team is there to advise and assist you every step of the way.

Save Time, Save Money

We take care of the books, so you can take care of the rest

Tick all the boxes

Rest easy knowing your business is compliant and your government obligations are met.

Achieve Your Business Goals

With solid analysis, tracking and effective management, you can achieve your business goals.

Awesome Associates


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