The Superhero’s Guide

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The Superhero’s guide to succeeding as a working mum:
Saving the world one diaper change at a time!

Welcome to the thrilling world of working mums where you become a superhero juggling clients, deadlines and sticky situations.

Being a working mum might sometimes feel like you need superpowers to get everything done, but fear not ……. with a dash of humour and a sprinkle of imagination you will conquer it all!

Let’s dive into the 5 key tips on how to succeed as a superhero working mum!

  1. Be a “super organised” superhero

Time, there is never enough, and if there is ever a gap (which there rarely IS) chances are someone or something will be demanding your time. AND, as if we are not “superhero” enough, there is always that tendency to forget things …… that is baby brain and it’s REAL!

Step number one is to be organised. Create schedules, to do lists and set reminders like a super organised superhero. As soon as you think of something, write it down!

  1. Assemble your support squad

Every superhero needs a trusty side-kick or team around them to help save the day!

Surround yourself with friends, family, and fellow working mums who understand the struggle of the juggle. Sometimes being able to hand your “crying babba” over to “your mamma” for half an hour will ensure you get through some (at the very least) of your to-do list!

  1. Celebrate being a multi-tasking superhero

They say women are great at multi-tasking. When you have a baby whilst working from home, managing staff and trying to keep everyone happy, is when you realise what a superhero you ARE!

Embrace your magnificent multitasking abilities and don’t be surprised to hear applause (even if it’s your OWN applause!) every time you manage to handle a conference call, rock your baby to sleep, make the next meal and complete that spreadsheet you’ve had on your to-do list! All whilst drinking your cold, cold coffee!

  1. The super suit vs PJ’s– not all superheros wear capes

One moment you are a powerful professional in a business suit, the next you become a superhero dressed in PJ’s. It’s OK mamma, you’ve got this, rock both looks like a boss. Not all superheroes where suits, I mean capes, in fact superheroes can wear anything they want as ultimately, they are saving the world either which way! Let’s be real for a moment – Superman wears his underpants on the outside and no-one ever said anything about that!

  1. Handle the villain, the “mum guilt” like a pro

The “mum-guilt” … this is the villain and remember every superhero has a villain! Every superhero has to reason at some point so let go of the guilt. The mum and the business professional CAN co-exist. Let each have their place and space so that you can genuinely enjoy both facets of your life!

Remember you don’t need a cape to be a superhero, your love, dedication and ability to conquer challenges make you a REAL-LIFE wonder woman. Keep on saving the world “One diaper change at a time” and show the world what it means to be a superhero working mum! POW, ZAP BOOM!

If you are a superhero working mum looking for a Business Accountability Mentor who understands exactly where you are at, give me a call (even if that’s in your PJS!) so we can have a chat. I would love to be part of your superhero journey!

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